Social Media Setup & Optimization Services

Optimize your channels to maximize your social effectiveness.

Fully optimized social media channels offer a variety of benefits for your business including increased brand awareness and exposure, opportunity to promote new and existing products or services, engagement with current and prospective customers, improved organic search results (SEO), and ultimately, increased traffic to your website.

We’ll implement best practices to showcase your brand across the top social media channels based on our Signature 70-point Social Media Optimization Checklist. We’ll develop a consistent brand identity across all channels with continuity among logos/images and marketing message. For our DIY clients, we’ll provide one-on-one coaching to generate the greatest reach and engagement across your social media channels. We’ll review thought-starter topic ideas for social media posts to get you setup for success. You’ll gain the skills and confidence to manage your social media with ease. Or, if you prefer a more hands off approach, visit our Social Media Content Management page where we will handle day-to-day posting on your behalf.

Your business category and your customers’ preferences will dictate the most effective social media channels for your brand. Generally, most businesses will experience the greatest benefit from these five channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn (personal profile & company page), and YouTube. You can always add more later once you’ve mastered these most prominent channels.

Musimack Marketing will audit your social media channels and evaluate them against our
Signature 70-point Social Media Optimization Checklist.

Consider the following:

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