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Beautiful Website Design

We create beautiful websites that define your brand and meet your unique business goals.

Strategic SEO

Our SEO packages are designed to help keep your brand visible in front your key audiences and ranked ahead of your competitors.

Paid Media

Highly targeted online advertising helps consumers discover your brand with measurable results.


Why Web Design & SEO Matters

Web design and SEO represent the creative and the technical aspects, respectively, of your website. Both are critical to building your search engine authority, which determines your rank position against your online competitors. While an attractive website design is essential to the user experience, SEO helps your website get discovered online.

Why Content & Social Media Matters

Website content and social media deliver your marketing message and reveal your brand’s unique personality. They work together to influence your website’s relevancy and popularity. These factors, combined with website design and SEO, contribute to your search engine authority and improve your online visibility, which drives increased traffic to your website. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

Working with Stacey was one of the most productive things I’ve done for my business ever! I asked her to help me improve SEO for my website. We not only did that, but together, we enhanced my LinkedIn page. We also revamped my website using best practices for enhancing social media connectivity, general lay-out and SEO. Stacey was a joy to work with as well; an effective teacher as she patiently coached me through these crucial social marketing steps. Her pleasant, easy going personality made a daunting task into a fun adventure.

Marsha Warner, Career Factors

Stacey is a WONDERFUL consultant! She knows everything about Social Media, marketing, and SEO! Stacey is a great communicator. I have learned so much from her, and she has helped my ongoing business growth in the past several months. She understands and explains how technology work in a friendly, unassuming way. Stacey has helped so much, in so many ways! I’m grateful to have met her, and grateful for all of her help. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Stacey for all entrepreneurs who want to grow their business to the maximum possibilities.

Diane Plesset, D.P. Design

Working with Stacey has been a real eye-opener. After 14 years in business my online presence was far from consistent. Stacey had some serious detective work to do and did it brilliantly. I will continue to work with Stacey so that my potential clients will not have to work so hard to find us and figure out what we do!
David’s coaching for website content, design and usability has been extremely helpful and I look forward to working with him on the redesign of our site. I wish I had found Musimack a long time ago!

Diane Bays, Healthy Spaces

Stacey has worked with me to get my social media listings complete and up-to-date. She also added my business to a list of sites that offer free listings and advertising. Although I have worked with social media sites for many years, I did not realize all the detail and work that goes into having a complete media presence. Additionally, Stacey brings an exuberance and natural warmth to all of her work. It was a pleasure to work with her and with David as well, who brings much technology savvy and comfort to the process. A great team!!

Lorelynn Cardo, Arise Counseling